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Beach Wagon - No longer available at www.wheeleez.com.

Model # BM1-BW


  • Wheeleez® balloon wheels or Tuff Tire wheels.
       <<Why Wheeleez Are Unique>>
  • Easy-grip handle folds under and latches for storage.
  • Removable center console with cup holders.
  • Storage area for valuables.
  • Wagon side panels fold down to form a picnic table.
  • 7' Umbrella is rated SPF-30.
  • Heavy duty carriage will support loads to 300 lbs.

    This Beach Wagon include:

    • 4 wheels (utility or beach wheels)
    • 1 Complete wagon
    • 1 Umbrella
    • Easy assembly instructions


    Payload capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)


    Weight: 58 lbs (26.3 kgs)


    • Wagon Exterior: 108 x 51 x 26 cm (42.5 x 20 x 10.3")
    • Wagon Interior: 97 x 45 x 21.6 cm (38.3 x 17.8 x 8.5")
    • Balloon Wheels: 24 x 12.3 cm (9.4 x 4.8") or
    • Solid Foam Wheels: 26 x 7.6 cm (10.2 x 3")
    • Umbrella Canopy: 2.13m (7') diameter


    • Baltic Birch Plywood wagon body.
    • UV inhibiting semi-transparent stain.
    • 4 balloon wheels or 4 Tuff-Tire wheels.
    • Powder coated steel carriage.
    • Stainless steel rear axle.
    • Cadmium coated front axle.


    Basic assembly of wagon body required. Complete, easy-to-follow instructions included.

    There are two wheel options:

    1. Wheeleez® Tuff-Tire wheels are Flat-Proof and Maintenance-Free. Best for firm terrain, now you can haul a lot with NO MORE FLATS!
    2. Wheeleez® Balloon Wheels that glide over soft sand, grass, and other challenging terrain. These wheels will not sink or plow into soft surfaces.

    Beach Wagon Colors

    Beach Wagon with utility wheels Beach Wagon with Beach Wheels
    Beach Wagon
    with Solid Foam Wheels
    Beach Wagon
    with Low-Pressure Balloon Wheels
    (best for sand)

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    (Yellow, Fuchsia Red, Sky Blue, Deep Blue, Lime Green)

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    Details of Features
    Beach Wagon Features
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    Beach Wagon testimonial image from Reedley, CA

    The Shade Wagon was great.

    "The Shadewagon was great. I really loaded it up. The breeze came up on the beach and the umbrella was most stable. Due to the breeze we relocated inland to a grassy area off the beach following our meal. Again it was a joy to be able to pack our belongings and easily move. People stopped to checkout our beach encampment."


    Reedley, CA

    Beach Wagon testimonial from UT

    Makes watching games a lot more comfortable

    We got the Shade Wagon primarily because we live in St. George, Utah where the sun shines quite a bit. Our kids are into sports and this was the first year we were able to go to our soccer games and sit comfortably in the shade without having to haul and set up a shade tent. It worked awesome and we had a lot of people asking us where they could get one. It makes watching games a lot more comfortable.


    St. George, Utah

    Beach Wagon testominial from Laguna Niguel CA

    Beach Goers

    My wife and I are beach goers and usually are struggling to haul all of our stuff onto the beach and then trying to keep our umbrella stood up up in the sand. The wagon now makes it easy for us. I'm just wondering where you were ten years ago when we were hauling all of the kids around to games? Would have been nice to have then.


    Laguna Niguel, CA

    Beach Wagon Testimonial from Moab, UT


    Took our wagon to a race we were watching and sat shaded and comfortable at the side of the road. We even loaded up our two coolers with bottled water and handed them out to the runners.


    Moab, Utah

    Beach Wagon Testimonial from Fresno CA


    All I can say is bravo to you guys for finally figuring it out! What a great idea and concept! Why hadn't anyone thought of this sooner?! It was obviously invented by moms!


    Fresno, CA

    Beach Wagon Testimonial from Anaheim CA


    This is a picture of my wagon loaded up with my gardening supplies. It was nice because I was really able to load it and by putting the table down, as you can see in the pic, it even gave me more room. While I was working in my yard it was so nice having shade wherever I was in the yard.


    Anaheim, CA

    Beach Wagon testimonial


    It was early evening when we went to the lake by our house to fish and because of the posistion of the sun, everyone was on the west side of the lake trying to get shade and we had the entire east side all to ourselves thanks to the shade of the wagon.