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Beach Cart

Model # WZ1-BC



100 kg (220 lbs)
Tub volume: 0.1 cbm (3.5 cbft)


Tub top dimensions: 91 x 53 cm
(36 x 21”)
Tub bottom dimensions: 63.5 x 36.8 cm
(25 x 14.5”)
Tub depth: 32 cm (12.5”)
Cart width w/ wheels
87.5 cm (34.4”)
Collapsed dimensions:
(as packaged)
96.5 x 66 x 40.6 cm
(38 x 26 x 16”)
Balloon Wheels: 16.5 x 42 x 20 cm(7.9”)


Weight w/wheels: 13 kg (29 lbs)


Tub Material: High Density
Aluminum Finish:
Marine grade anodized
Hardware: Stainless steel
Balloon Wheels: Polyurethane tire (100% USA made materials)
Polyethylene hub


  1. Turn cart upside down.
  2. Slide axle through axle mounting bracket.
  3. Just before pushing axle through last mounting bracket, make sure the three gray prongs are spread to let axle enter. <<see diagram>>
  4. Slide axle through to line on axle.
  5. Slide wheel onto axle with valve stem pointed outward, insert quick clip pin and rotate pin ring over axle.
  6. Slide second wheel onto axle and fasten.
  7. Pivot cart prop slightly more than a quarter turn until it latches in place against rear side of cart.
  8. Turn cart right side up.
  9. Release handle clamps by flipping release tabs to opposite position. Move handle to desired position and flip release tabs back to original position. <<see diagram>>
  10. Load items into cart.
  11. Retract prop by pressing latch with hand and pushing prop cross bar with foot (near center) to snap into up position. <<see diagram>>
  12. To set prop, reach down and grab cross bar in hand and pull upward until latch locks prop in place. <<see diagram>>
  13. To Disassemble: Remove wheels and reverse above instructions.

Maintenance Tip: To prevent rusting, rinse all parts with fresh water and dry.

Now you can enjoy the beach like you never have before. The Wheeleez Beach Cart is the perfect beach cart when you have a lot to carry. You don’t need extra trips to get your cooler, beach chairs and umbrellas to the beach. Transporting all your gear at once over soft sand, pebbly beaches, or mud can be done in one trip. The Wheeleez Beach Cart is easy to travel with or store because the handle bar and kickstand fold and the wheels and axles can be removed without tools for compact storage and transporting. Wheeleez Beach Cart is an incredibly versatile beach cart that is also ideal for use in gardening so you don’t have to worry about damaging your lawn or flower beds.

Parts for the Beach Cart

Beach Cart
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42cm PU Wheel
Price for 42cm PU Wheel
BC Axle
Price for BC Axle
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BC Foot Prop
Price for BC Foot Prop
BC Handle
Price for BC Handle
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BC Axle Bracket
Price of BC Axle Bracket
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BC Foot Prop Hardware Kit
Price for BC Foot Prop Hardware Kit
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BC Foot Prop Latch Kit
Price for BC Foot Prop Latch Kit
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BC Handle Blocks
Price for BC Handle Blocks
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BC Handle Lock Lever Kit
Price for BC Handle Lock Lever Kit
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Quick Clip Pins (x4)
Price for Quick Clip Pins
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BC Tub
Price for BC Tub
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