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Kayak Cart-Beach

Model # WZ1-KCB


  • Detachable 30 cm beach wheels.   <<Why Wheeleez Are Unique>>
    Polyurethane Tires are made of 100% USA material
  • Stainless Steel hardware.
  • Soft foam bumpers to protect your boat hull.
  • Double kickstand for easy boat loading.


Payload capacity: 75 kg (165 lbs)


Weight: 4.5 kg (10 lbs)


Folded frame: 87 x 33 x 10 cm (34.5 x 13 x 4”)
Crossbar to ground: 40 cm (15.8")
Width at axle: 87 cm (34.5")


Frame Material: Marine grade anodized aluminum  <<More info>>
Hardware: Marine grade stainless steel hardware
Balloon Wheels: Polyurethane tire (100% USA made materials)
Polyethylene hub


  1. Assemble cart, extend kickstand
  2. Place boat on cart as shown below
  3. Strap boat to cart, one strap per cross bar
  4. Retract kickstand before rolling

Straps on cart


The Kayak Cart-Beach, equipped with unique low pressure balloon wheels will move your canoe or kayak with ease over the most difficult surfaces; even soft sand  or soggy ground. Heavy duty, collapsible aluminum frame is marine grade anodized, after fabrication   <<More info>>. Optional Rail Kit Rail Kit for greater stability with deep keeled boats.

This Kayak Cart Beach includes:
1 – Aluminum frame with SS hardware
2 – Wheeleez® 30 cm polyurethane wheels
2 – Cam Buckle Tie-Down Straps. 4 m (13')

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Parts for Kayak Cart-Beach

Kayak Cart-Beach
Price for Kayak Cart-Beach
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30cm PU Wheel
Price for 30 cm Balloon Wheel
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KCB Kickstand
Price for KCB Kickstand
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KCB Crossbar Large
Price for KCB Crossbar Large
KCB Axle
Price for KCB Axle
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KCB Crossbar Small
Price of KCB Crossbar Small
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KCB Plastic Parts
Price for KCB Plastic Parts Kit
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KCB Hardware Kit
Price for Quick Clip Pins
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Frame Strap Kit
Price for KCB Frame Support Strap Kit
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Foam Bumpers (x4)
Price for Four Foam Bumpers
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Quick Clip Pins (x4)
Price for Quick Clip Pins
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4 m Straps (x2)
Price for 4 m Straps (x2)
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A discussion on whether to get the Kayak Cart-Mini or the Kayak Cart-Beach




From: ROB LYON [mailto:lyon@---------.net]
Sent: Monday, February 03, 2014 3:53 PM
To: Otto Werlin
Subject: Look this over. Tips up.

Wheeleez Kayak Cart-Beach: 34" OD, 13lbs, 176lbs, Capacity, MSRP: $241

If Donald Duck had a kayak cart it would look like this. The big, loveable, beach wheels have a cartoony vibe that'll have you laughing all the way to the beach. Rolling your cart on one of these babies is like pulling greased lightening along behind you!
Kayak Cart-Beach by Wheeleez is probably the most iconic, best recognized cart on the market today, due in large part to its proprietary balloon tires. The company is built around international sales of its wheels, used on all manner of beach going conveyances.
We've used them for two decades here and can attest to the fact that they are the beach tire, non-pareil. The buxom, low pressure wheels roll over damn near anything, especially soft sand and mud— and my soggy lawn yesterday.
The extra width of the cart provides a solid base for loading your kayak and a stable platform to negotiate uneven ground. Center the kayak on the frame and snug both straps down securely. The kickstand is barely adequate and centering the boat on the rail pads requires some care as there is no cradle shape, per se. And with an overall OD width at nearly a yard, you'll want to give some forethought to narrow trails, paths and densely forested terrain.
And finally, the knock on pneumatic tires, of course, is punctures. The polyurethane material of a Wheeleez tire is exceptionally tough (as in no punctures in 20yrs), but if you do meet up with an alpha thorn, all is not lost. Pull out your lighter and melt the plastic around the hole, smooth it off and voile—you're good to go. How cool is that—and nearly the proverbial free lunch!
Bottom line is this is a serious 'go to' cart and hands down best for soft sand crossings. Those balloon wheels roll along behind you with near zero inertia. It's amazing.

Rob Lyon
Free-lance Journalist
Lyon Expeditions and Water Marked Press

San Juan Islands
4161 Lopez Sound Road
Lopez, Washington, USA 98261

Beachwalk Project is a national, clean water awareness project which is traveling the major coastlines of the United States by foot and kayak. The team is working to raise awareness for the protection of EVERYONE'S RIGHT TO CLEAN WATER and is partnering with organizations that have proven to be exceptionally effective in this goal. The following slideshow is of Bob Weinman portaging around the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River. http://www.beachwalkproject.com/


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