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Wheeleez® Boat Dolly

Otto Werlin
Wheeleez, Inc.

Mar. 7, 2011



Small Boat Transport Now Made Easy With New Boat Dolly From Wheeleez, Inc.

Small boats are awkward to carry. If if a boat is too big and heavy to carry to the water, it won't get used. But a boat dolly can make easy work of this.

If a boat needs to be transported over sand, normal wheels won't help much. Low-pressure balloon wheels are the only wheels that will get a boat over soft sand easily. Low-pressure balloon wheels inflate to only 2-3 psi, and are soft enough to flatten sand instead of digging a ditch through the sand. The Wheeleez™ Boat Dolly is the only dolly on the market that offers low-pressure balloon wheels.


Boat Dolly
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Hobie on Boat Dolly
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Wheeleez Boat Dolly

The Boat Dolly is designed to be adjustable for most any small boat up to 19'. The length, width, and height are all adjustable. There are also five wheels options for additional flexibility.

  • Three - Wheeleez™ Balloon Wheel options for sand or challenging terrain. In general, the larger the wheel, the better it rolls over soft sand, rocky, or otherwise challenging terrain.
    • 11.7” for loads up to 250 lbs
    • 16.5” for loads up to 350 lbs
    • 19.3” for loads up to 500 lbs
  • Two - flat-proof Wheeleez™ wheel options for firm surfaces
    • 10.2” Tuff-Tire for loads up to 250 lbs
    • 15” Tuff-Tire for loads up to 500 lbs

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